Custom Woven Towels Custom Woven Towels
Style Size lb/dz Qty 50 Qty 100 Qty 300
JA3060 30×60 18.5 $24.00 $23.00 $22.00
JA3460 34×60 21 $26.00 $25.00 $24.00

There’s no better way to demonstrate team spirit than by sporting a personalized custom woven towel.

For athletes, towels are about more than simply drying off. Towels present a new opportunity for athletes to enjoy the camaraderie of their teammates in a fun and constructive setting.


Personalize Your Team Towels

At Team Towels, we go the extra mile in making each team member feel special. By ordering our custom woven towels, you can remind each member of his or her unique contributions, while helping them to feel like part of a family.

  • Towel Color: Highlight your spirit by choosing your team’s colors! Or, choose a background color that will blend well with your team’s logo.
  • School Logo: Show the world your identity with your school’s logo! Whether you choose to use the generic school logo or a variant for athletic teams, this logo will be immediately recognizable.
  • End of Towel: Teams have the option of including either the year, name, or the name of their team. This personalization can be up to 26 characters. For an additional surcharge of $1.50 per towel, teams can personalize the other end of the towel as well.

To learn more about the custom woven towel ordering process, check out our guide.


Wear-Resistant Material Designed To Last

To withstand the wear and tear of swim meets and team practices, choosing a durable material is essential. Our custom woven towels will last longer than printed towels with inferior designs. Because they are composed of stronger materials, they are less likely to deteriorate with regular use.

  • Image Quality: The graphic elements on screen-printed towels will naturally fade or disappear altogether with use. The quality of the image will also be better.
  • Texture: With embroidered logo and text, custom woven towels have a more tangible texture.


Custom Woven Towel Sizes:

Our custom woven towels are available in two sizes, either 30×60 or 34×60.

Personalized Color Selection:

With over 40 colors available, your team will create the ideal color combination. Towels may have up to 3 colors.

Team Towels: Athlete’s Choice

To provide your team with a lasting and memorable gift, custom woven towels are the best option.


Lead Time:

Approximately 4-5 weeks

Please send Excel Spreadsheet with list of names in 1 column
Limited to a total of 3 colors on the towel

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