Custom Woven Soccer Socks
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Item Details:
Price is for a custom woven soccer sock with design on the cuff.

A must for any soccer or lacrosse player, these custom woven soccer socks compliment any uniform in style and spirit. Your team logo will be prominently displayed on the cuff of this soft and comfortable sock.

Available in a white or colored base. Check out our color chart with over forty different color combinations for your logo.

Lead Time:

Approximately 4 weeks

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Custom Woven Soccer Socks

Let your team show off their team pride in style! These high-quality custom woven soccer socks are the perfect way to spruce up your team’s uniform, and also help players keep warm during chilly games! They aren’t just for soccer players-- lacrosse teams, basketball teams, and summer camp participants that are proud to be a part of a tight-knit group will enjoy these comfortable and highly detailed socks.

Soccer players like to play in style -- and with custom woven soccer socks, they can. Built with a durable, comfortable material, these custom team socks will last beyond the big game, and be a friendly reminder of hard work for years to come.

Keep Warm During Cold Games

When it comes to soccer, players are committed to wearing shorts-- as they should be. Our custom woven soccer socks are the perfect way to tie your soccer team’s uniform together. These knee-high soccer socks will cover all of the skin that would otherwise be exposed to the elements with shorts. With these custom woven soccer socks, your team can stay warm in style!

The Perfect Fit for Use On and Off the Field

Custom woven soccer socks are the final ingredient for any uniform, but they’re also perfect for use in day-to-day life. Team members can show off their pride during spirit days. They’re also great for team hangouts at the beach!

Show Off Your Team’s Logo

Your soccer team’s logo is the center of their identity as a unit. It also distinguishes them from rival teams, and reminds onlookers of their pride. Strengthen your team’s sense of loyalty and identity with socks that proudly display your team’s logo.

Great for Corporate Gifts or Giveaways

Looking for a creative new way to seal the deal with potential leads? These high-quality custom woven soccer socks will make the cut above other forgettable knick-knacks like flashlights. Branded soccer socks are also a unique way to reward your employees for a job well done.

How to Order Custom Team Soccer Socks

1. Choose the Base Color

First, select the base color for the sock. This color will cover the entire sock. We offer both white and black as base color options for custom woven soccer socks.

2. Select the Logo Colors

Choose your team’s logo colors from our color combination chart. We offer over 40 different logo color combinations.

3. Submit the Logo File

After deciding which colors your team’s custom woven soccer socks should feature, submit the logo file. Please submit the file in one of the following formats: jpeg, pdf, illustrator, vector, png.