Custom Printed White Towels Custom Printed White Towels Custom Printed White Towels Custom Printed White Towels

Price includes 1 Color Print.
Add $1.25 for each additional color.

Style Size lb/dz Qty 50 Qty 100 Qty 150 Qty 300
2958* 29×58 8 $12.00 $9.85 $8.75 $8.25
3060 30×60 12 $14.25 $12.25 $11.00 $10.50
3460 24×60 14 $15.75 $13.75 $12.50 $12.00
3568 35×68 18 $18.00 $15.75 $15.00 $14.50

Note: Item with a (*) is not made in the USA.

Give your team a fresh, uniform accessory with our custom printed white towels. Strong, soft, and durable, these 100% cotton towels prominently display your team’s logo in the center for a loud and proud exclamation of team spirit!

Available in four different styles and sizes!

Custom Woven Towel Sizes

Our custom printed white towels are available in four sizes: 29×58, 30×60, 24×60, or 35×68.

Huge Color Selection

Does your team have a teal logo? No problem! Even though the towel is white, we can incorporate unique colors to create a product that is perfect for your team.

Standard towel prices include one color. Each additional color comes with a surcharge of $1.25.

Lead Time:

Approximately 3 weeks

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About Our Custom Printed White Towels

If you’re looking for custom team towels that prominently display your logo without excessive color, then white towels are the way to go. No matter the circumstances, bringing along a custom printed white team towel will help you to stay dry fashionably and comfortably.

Display Your Team’s Logo on a White Team Towel

It’s all about the logo. Offering a simple background devoid of any conflicting design schemes, a white towel is the ideal way to display your team’s logo. It may not be as visually appealing as a custom woven towel that blends in with the logo, but a white team towel will surely captivate onlookers with a clear logo that pops.

Reward Your Team’s Hard Work and Dedication

Being on a swim team isn’t easy. After months of training, long practices with grueling workouts, and mental preparation, your swim team deserves a reward.

Fortunately, custom printed white towels are the best way to thank your team for their efforts. As a symbol of their unity, custom printed white towels will help your swimmers take their memories as they travel their separate ways.

Promote Your Company’s Brand

Our custom printed white towels aren’t just for swim teams-- they might also be the key to landing new leads for your company.

Towels are comfortable, visually appealing, and are the perfect complementary gift for prospective clients and customers. So, distributing towels may make the difference your organization needs in reaching a new client base.

Keeping your own employees satisfied with their work-life balance is just as important as new business. Ordering promotional towels for employees is a great way to build upon an established foundation of loyalty.