hand and puts the laundry into the washing machine. focus on a colored towel

How to Keep Your Custom Team Towels Colorful, Plush & Vibrant

There are few things as heartbreaking as towels that were once bright, colorful and plush fading after a few washes. We’ve all been there. Discoloration is a common issue when it comes to caring for towels, and they’re often thrown away once they lose their brightness and texture.

What most people don’t know is that there are plenty of ways to prevent this. If you take a few simple measures, you can preserve the quality and appeal of your custom team towels.

We’ve gathered some practical tips below to save you from the frustration of having to dispose of your towels too soon:

1. Pay Attention to the Care Instructions

Something many of us don’t take into consideration when we do laundry is the care instructions on our towels’ labels. Generally, towels vary in fabrics, fibers, materials and dyes, which means each set of towels you buy have recommendations specific to that particular set.

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines will ensure your towels not only stay plush and absorbent, but also stylish and decorative.

Our custom woven towels and custom sublimated towels are no exception. Since they’re created specifically for you, we highly recommend consulting the care instructions to ensure that they remain in great shape for as long as possible.

Our custom woven towels, unlike screen printed towels, are durable, soft, comfortable, and will keep their details for years to come.

Our printed white towels are 100% cotton, and customized to perfection.

And, with our custom sublimated towels, you can choose any picture or design you like and have it printed directly into the fabric. Your image will remain durable through multiple washings and stay colorful in the sunlight.

2. Separate Your Towels Accordingly

Sure, separating dark and light fabrics before throwing them in the washing machine is obvious, and very important. However, what most people don’t know is that in order to keep your towels brilliant and vivid for the longest possible time, some extra separating is also necessary.

Don’t just separate light fabrics from dark, sort them by shades, as well. For example: if you have violet purple and red towels of similar brightness, those two conflicting colors can often blemish the other and discolor your towels. Be cautious when preparing to clean your towels and whenever possible, wash each color separately.

If your time is limited, make sure you don’t have two conflicting colors in the washing machine at the same time.

3. Add a Touch of White Vinegar to the First Watch

White vinegar has many unexpected and miraculous household uses. From cleaning windows to keeping flowers fresh, white vinegar is a useful item to keep handy.

Keeping your custom team towels in good shape is no exception. A small amount of white vinegar in the washing machine during the first wash will help prevent fading, reinforce the colors, eliminate odors and remove excess detergent residue. Your custom team towels will stay fresh and vibrant!

4. Temperature is Important

When it comes to the cleaning and preservation of your team towels, water temperature should definitely be taken into consideration. The care instructions often specify which temperature you should set your washing machine’s controls to, and in most cases, using hot water is not recommended.

Hot water will strip your towels of their color. It can also wear out the fibers faster. Using lukewarm or cool water will ensure that your towels remain in great shape for a longer period of time.

5. Avoid Using the Dryer

Using your dryer is obviously the fastest way to dry your team towels after you wash them. Unfortunately, your towels are more likely to wear out that way, too. To keep your towels plush, absorbent and colorful, air-drying them is the safest method to use. After they’re washed, remove them from the machine immediately to avoid the growth of bacteria and mildew. Shake out the excess moisture right away to keep them soft and plush, and hang them to air-dry.

If you avoid using the dryer, it will keep your custom team towels in the best shape for a much longer period of time, saving you money and energy in the long run.

6. Don’t Use Too Much Fabric Softener

Be very careful if you plan on using fabric softeners to condition your towels. There are some that are gentler than others, but generally, using less is always advisable. While fabric softener has many practical uses when it comes to washing your clothing, too much will weaken your towels’ fibers and wear down the material.

If you want to keep your towels plush and absorbent for the longest period of time, a more limited application of fabric softener is the way to go.



Keeping your towels in the best possible shape will save you from a great deal of frustration. If you apply these tips, you’ll preserve not only the style of your custom team towels, but also the function. Be sure to always consult your towel’s care instructions before you wash and dry them, as that will provide you with the most important guidelines.

Customized, colorful and stylish towels can often be more delicate than we might assume. Using these tips will keep your towels in great condition, and ultimately save you time, energy and money.