Custom Woven Scarves
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Each woven scarf measures 6.5″x 60″M

Wrap yourself up in team spirit this winter in one of our custom woven scarves. Measuring 6.5″x 60″, your team name or mantra can be woven directly into the fabric of this soft and comfortable scarf. Our custom woven procedure allows the design to remain intact all year round.

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Approximately 4-5 weeks

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Custom Team Scarves

Help your team celebrate their pride by giving them custom team scarves!

Custom team scarves give your team the opportunity to display their favorite colors, while also serving as much-needed protection from the cold weather -- especially after a swim!

Durable Designs for Lasting Scarves

Not all custom team scarves are suited to last through even the winter. At Team Towels, we ensure that our custom team scarves are created with durability in mind. The weaving process makes for a strong final product that will withstand heavy use and the elements.

Custom Woven Team Scarf Size: Each custom woven scarf measures 6.5″x 60″

Promote Your Team Through the Winter

For dedicated athletes, representing your team during every season is a must. Just because it’s too cold to dry off with custom woven towels doesn’t mean that your team promotional efforts should grind to a halt.

With custom swim team scarves, you can show off your team name and logo with pride, even during the winter. Selling custom woven scarves is also a great fundraiser!

Customize Your Woven Scarves With Colors, Graphics and More!

Custom-woven team scarves help the team develop a sense of loyalty, and motivate them to push beyond fundamentals, and into new territory. By ordering from Team Towels, you can ensure that your team will receive custom woven scarves of the highest quality.

1. Choose Team Colors

There’s nothing as rewarding as representing your team on a day-to-day basis with team colors. Help your team celebrate their spirit by designing your scarves with your team colors! We offer numerous color options.

2. Add Team Slogan

In addition to your team’s name, we can also weave your team’s slogan or mantra into the custom team scarf! This is a great way to motivate your team to continue succeeding.

3. Add Team Logo

More than anything else, your team identifies with their logo and your custom woven team scarves can help them to appreciate it. We can incorporate the logo into the custom team scarf design, reminding them of their commitment and moral support.

4. Choose Scarf Fringe

The colored scarf fringe ties the entire custom scarf together, with several options.

Perfect for Branded Company Gear

When your company needs promotional items, the goals should be simple: a high-quality item focused on brand awareness. Custom woven scarves help you accomplish just that.

The perfect gift for the corporate world, custom woven scarves are a very practical gift. With your company name and logo, these custom woven scarves will be quite visually appealing. Giving your customers or clients custom woven scarves is a unique way to thank them for their business. Custom woven scarves are also a practical internal gift for employees on special occasions, like holidays.