Custom Colored Towels Custom Colored Towels
Style Size lb/dz Qty 50 Qty 100 Qty 150 Qty 300
3060 30×60 10.5 $19.00 $16.75 $15.75 $12.25
3560 35×60 14 $21.25 $19.00 $18.00 $17.25

Note: Must print a darker color than the color of the towel or a tone on tone print.

Style 3060 Color Choices:
Lime, Navy, Pink, Red, Royal, Yellow, Orange

Style 3560 Color Choices:
Red, Navy, Royal, Yellow

Give your team or company a bold look with our custom colored towels. Available in two sizes, 30×60 and 35×60.

Lead Time:

Approximately 3 weeks

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About Our Custom Colored Towels

As a swim coach, there are few better ways to support your team’s spirit than with Custom Colored Swim Team Towels. This simple yet classic gesture always proves to be hugely impactful on student athletes. Swim team towels prove enduring keepsake gifts that last long after your athletes graduate. High school graduates hang onto them long after receiving their diploma. Therefore, they aren't just a practical essential for their drawstring swim bags. These custom gifts (with a personal touch) are lasting reminders of fond memories and a positive influence.

You can be poolside, cheering them on or gathering after a tough practice. Ultimately, swim team towels will always foster a collective, positive energy and keep morale alive. In addition, no matter where your swim team takes them, Custom Colored Towels are portable billboards that advertise the team. Numerous color options allow you to refine the final product in order to best reflect your team's identity. Water-based exercise already has incredible health benefits, in addition to the positive effects of competitive swimming. Why not reward your swim team for their efforts and reinforce their commitment to the game?

Show Team Pride

At Team Towels, we understand each swimmer's natural competitive spirit. And that’s why custom colored towels reflect that spirit so well. Adding team colors and logo will inspire your team to triumph. When coaches affirm their investment in their team's success, it has an undeniable, lasting positive impact.

Custom team towels are the most reliable (and effective) way to show your belief in your team's talent. In return, you'll receive their loyalty and reinforce their confidence.


Few things are as sacred as your school’s colors. Graduates will instantly recognize their school's color palette long after they complete their education. These colors are essential to your team's identity. In addition, they'll advertise your school and team wherever they may go.

Help your team show an outstanding sense of spirit, and devotion to their collective goals. On custom colored towels, you can select up to two colors for the background and text. Of course, you also have the option to order towels that are mostly (or all) white.


Nothing will boldly cultivate your team's identity than the logo that represents them. It doesn't matter if you select the school’s athletic logo, the generic school logo or a team-specific image. Logos are imperative to every team, no matter the sport.

Ultimately, the custom colored towel will provide the perfect canvas. We'll seamlessly apply the chosen logo to each towel for a perfect representation of your swim team.

Branded Company Towels

There’s nothing like a practical gift that elevates your company’s brand recognition to the next level. Distributing custom colored towels to your clients or employees will prove a wise decision that boosts morale and pleases your clientele. From a marketing and economic point of view, it will prove hugely beneficial.

Featuring your distinctive logo, custom branded towels will prove you care for employees, flatter both potential and current clients and market your company in a unique way.

Durable Designs

Unfortunately, the average custom towel design withers and fades after a few washing cycles. However, our towels don't have the same problem by any means. In fact, they're quite the opposite.

Not only are our custom colored towels beautiful, they're also durable. We create custom towels with artwork that we reinforce with proprietary application techniques. Basically, these ensure a long-lasting, uniquely resilient image that outlasts standard custom towels. With our durable custom colored towels, your team can enjoy this art for years to come.

Towel Sizes

Our custom colored towels are available in two sizes: 30x60 or 35x60.

Because of the minuscule price difference, we recommend that all those looking to commission a towel with the longest possible lifespan order the larger option.