Custom Water Resistant Drawstring Bags
Style Size Drawstring Qty 50 Qty 100 Qty 150 Qty 300
8883 14×18 Matching $9.00 $8.80 $8.55 $8.45
8887 14×18 White $8.65 $8.30 $8.15 $6.50

Price includes 1 Color Print.
Add $0.75 for each additional Print Color

Available size is 14×18

Now, your swim team can bring whatever they need, wherever they like, in style! These custom, water-resistant drawstring bags make a statement anywhere. And they proudly display your swim team’s name and logo with a vivid, eye-catching flair. With this kind of appeal and functionality, water resistant drawstring bags are a fantastic personalized gift for athletes!

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Approximately 2 weeks

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Custom Drawstring Bags for Swim Teams and More!

A drawstring bag can be so much more than just a simple bag. In fact, you can customize them with logos and text to personalize them for your swim team.

Your swimmers need a way to transport their team towels, goggles, and other important gear in style. Every athlete, coach and parent knows there's several essentials that each swimmer needs to keep in their bag!

Custom water resistant drawstring bags will help your team to transport their stuff in bold, plush and colorful style. With your team logo screen-printed on the bag, your swimmers will be able to show their team pride. Drawstring bags make for a fantastic long-term gift that will maintain functionality for years!

A Practical Gift for Swimmers

Nobody likes lugging around their gear. This is especially true when you consider the stress of a swim meet on the horizon. Also, competitive swimming can often create tension and anxiety within the athletes competing.

Custom team drawstring bags offer your swimmers a convenient way to carry around team gear, and like team towels, will develop a sense of loyalty among the team.

Custom Summer Camp Drawstring Bags

In the busy summer camp setting, it’s easy for children to lose track of glasses, wallets, and other possessions. And when it comes to swimmers, we all know there are numerous essentials they can lose forever at a moment's notice.

Summer camp drawstring bags give your campers an easy way to carry around these items, especially during busy days filled with activities. During field trips, your counselors will be able to track campers with ease with custom branded gear.

Perfect for Team Days at the Beach

Lugging around towels, snacks, books and other beach gear is a chore-- but it doesn’t have to be. Custom drawstring bags eliminate this tedious task, and they look great in the sand, too.

Drawstring Bags as Promotional Gifts

Promotional giveaway items should be attractive, durable and usable-- and water resistant drawstring bags fit the bill. Giving potential customers a drawstring bag is a great way to leave a lasting and memorable impression, with years of use to come.

3 Easy Steps to Ordering Custom Drawstring Bags

1. Choose the Color of the Backpack

First, select the color of the backpack. Most swim teams select the solid color that is part of their logo and will promote them wherever they go. Of course, the backpack's color will be the most fundamental aspect of each bag. Therefore, each color selection should be done consciously and given a lot of thought.

2. Select the Print Colors

Select the colors for your team’s logo, or the backpack’s design. At Team Towels, we'll work with you to refine each and every detail to your liking. This way, we'll ensure a fantastic item that each of your swimmers will adore.

3. Submit the Logo or Graphic

Finally, submit the artwork that you would like on your team’s drawstring bags. We accept files submitted in the following formats: jpeg, pdf, illustrator, vector, png.