School Baseball Team

Team Pride: Does Your Uniform Make a Difference?

Sportsmanship and team pride produce results. No coach will argue with that. How do young athletes learn that? Just how they learn their sport of choice: practice. A good coach will instill values of pride and performance into his or her teammates from the start by enforcing sportsmanship-like conduct. And what about uniform pride, Is that a factor? The Team Towels team thinks so.


Team Unity

“Clothes make the man, apparel makes the team,” is a quote that says it all. When a team shows up to the game, and they have a bold uniform, the message is very clear. They are united. The cohesive look of a sharp uniform can help the teammates feel like they are part of something bigger than they are.


Team Confidence

When an athlete looks good, they feel good and play well. A polished uniform instills a certain sense of confidence in an athlete that reads to the other teammates, the crowds, and most of all, the opponents. If your players look like champions, they will perform like champions.


Team Identity

Although each member of the team is going to feel like part of a bigger unit, it doesn’t mean that individuality doesn’t count for something. The uniform accessories supplied by Team Towels provide a sense of identity to your athletes with customized towels, socks, and drawstring bags. Our products feature your team’s color and logo as well as the name of each athlete woven into the product. This allows each athlete to have a confident sense of self, as well as feeling like an important piece of the larger group.



We think team spirit is important. When the team members have pride and confidence, the crowds respond and the opponents sense that they’re dealing with champs. Our team is proud to help your team feel that way, producing nothing but winning results. Contact us today so we can get the ball rolling for you and your athletes.