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Custom Woven Towels: How to Keep Them Comfortable

Is there anything better after a tiresome swim than using a plush, comfortable towel to dry off? Embracing a fluffy towel after a series of breaststrokes and dolphin kicks can be just as refreshing and satisfying as the swim itself. However, what happens when that towel gets older and becomes less comfortable? A custom team  … Read more

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Custom Printed Swim Towels: How to Keep them Clean

At Team Towels, we love nothing more than the sense of team unity you get from your custom sports towels. However, did you know that pride goes well beyond the field? When it comes to your custom woven towels, maintenance is just as important as team spirit. Keeping your custom towels clean is important. Why?  … Read more

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4 Unique Uses for Custom Woven Towels

Who said that custom team towels are only for swim teams?! When it comes to customizing a set of plush, stunning towels, there are so many unique and unexpected uses for them! You might be surprised just how many events and organizations custom towels can elevate. Obviously, the first thing we think of when it  … Read more

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2019: Swim Team Holiday Gift Guide

That time of the year has arrived – it’s time to begin preparing for the holidays! And, the holidays are busy and hectic for just about everyone, swim coaches included. Between keeping your team at the top of their game and preparing for the festivities at home, the holidays can be a little stressful. But  … Read more

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How Custom Team Towels Create Unity

There’s no better way to show off team spirit than with a custom printed towel displaying your logo or mascot. At Team Towels, we’re experts in creating custom towels, bags, socks and scarves for teams. Custom towels are not necessarily ideal just for swimming. You want your team to perform at their very best. And  … Read more

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Promote Your Team Every Season

Athletes should have team pride all year round, not just when they’re in season. It’s great for morale if they have an outlet for expressing it when they are off the field or out of the pool. That’s where Team Towels comes in. Here are some attributes of our custom team promotional products that we  … Read more

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How to Keep Your Custom Team Towels Colorful, Plush & Vibrant

There are few things as heartbreaking as towels that were once bright, colorful and plush fading after a few washes. We’ve all been there. Discoloration is a common issue when it comes to caring for towels, and they’re often thrown away once they lose their brightness and texture. What most people don’t know is that  … Read more

Custom Towels: The Best Team Gift for Homecoming

By late September, students are finally into the swing of the new school year. They’ve hit their stride with routines, schoolwork, and friendships. The coveted Homecoming game disrupts this cycle, and brings a whole new layer of excitement to student schedules. Perhaps the most momentous game of the season, the annual Homecoming is an opportunity  … Read more

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6 Reasons Kids Should Join a Swim Team

As members of the swimming community, we know that people of all ages love swimming. For kids, there are many great reasons why they should join a swim team. Benefits such as learning a skill, participating in teamwork, and friendship are just some of the reasons your child should join. 1. Spend Time with Friends  … Read more

7 Reasons Your Swim Team Should Be Doing Yoga

Before drying off with a custom team towel, even the most skilled swimmers need training. Diligent upper body training improves the power in each stroke, stronger legs allow you to kick better, and chest/back muscles help you to create momentum. Diversified training helps swimmers to achieve success in each of these categories, and develop a  … Read more