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5 Ways to Begin the Swim Season Perfectly 

Happy September, everyone! It’s officially the start of another school year, which means the beginning of a new swim season. Swim teams all over the country are tightening their 

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Swim Team Activities For the Summer

Throughout the swim season, your team will undoubtedly develop a strong sense of camaraderie and loyalty. Swim teams spend countless hours working out, practicing, competing, and venting with each other. Of course, this side-by-side sense of unity and companionship is the most fulfilling aspect of competitive swimming for young adults. Therefore, there’s no reason why  … Read more

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The Main Differences Between Beach & Bath Towels

There are hand towels, beach towels, swim team towels, bath towels, custom woven towels, custom colored towels and more. Who knew there were so many different varieties? Of course, at Team Towels, we’re the experts on all things team towels! However, this time of year, towels are more frequently-used than ever.  Between the beach, boat  … Read more

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6 Ways Teams Use a Water Resistant Drawstring Bag

To help your team manage their resources during the busy swimming season, they’ll need custom water resistant drawstring bags. Usually, As the coach, you’re more preoccupied with your athletes’ skill levels and various breathing techniques. Soon enough, though, your team will be neck-deep in competitive demands and need something to consolidate their essentials. Read on  … Read more

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5 Ways Yoga Can Enhance Swim Technique

Practicing yoga can be hugely beneficial for student swimmers or even competitive career swimmers. Yoga can burn calories, improve balance, breathing and alignment. Of course, all of these lead to exceptional benefits when it’s time to dive in the pool. The best part is that a yoga program can fit around your team, all they  … Read more

swim team swimming in pool

6 Times Custom Swim Towels Will Come in Handy

For most people, swimming is a quintessential summer activity that goes along with warm temperatures, and relaxation. But for swimmers, it’s a different story. Competitive swimmers are in the pool year-round, burning calories and honing their breathing techniques. That’s why having custom swim towels is so important, whether at the beginning or end of the  … Read more

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How to Burn More Calories While Swimming

For any coach, you can get the most out of your team’s swim by using strokes and methods that burn the most calories. Increasing calorie burn improves your workout and can get you closer to your weight loss goals. Find out what factors determine proper breathing technique, how many calories you will burn and how  … Read more

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Improving Swimmer’s Breathing Technique

Breathing is an essential element of swimming. Some people believe that you should hold your breath while underwater, but what you should do is learn how to control your breath. As you practice the proper breathing techniques for swimming, you can improve your lung capacity and overall performance. In this post, coaches and swimmers alike  … Read more

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4 Unique Uses for Custom Woven Towels

Custom team towels are anything but niche! You may think that they’re only useful for one purpose, swim teams – however, you’ll find that there are infinite possibilities for their use! When it comes to customizing a set of plush, stunning towels, there are so many unique and unexpected ways for you to implement them  … Read more