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How to Keep Your Custom Team Towels Colorful, Plush & Vibrant

There are few things as crushing as team towels that were bright, colorful and plush fading after a few washes. Everyone can identify with this particular frustration. Discoloration is a common issue when it comes to caring for towels. And where do your beautiful, custom team towels wind up when they lose brightness and texture?  … Read more

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Goggle Fog: 3 Ways to Prevent It

Competitive swimmers have been facing one persistent issue since the inception of the sport: foggy goggles. As land-dwelling mammals, humans aren’t great at seeing underwater. Therefore, goggles provide us with the visionary assistance we need to navigate aquatic terrain, in a pool or the open water. However, since we began relying on them whenever we  … Read more

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The 3 Main Advantages of Competitive Swimming

Competitive swimming is much more than an excuse to splurge on custom woven swim team towels. The necessary skill, precision and work ethic for school swim teams can positively affect every area of our children’s lives, both personally and professionally. For many years, we’ve been staunch supporters of the swimming community. Everyone should go for  … Read more

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How Your Swim Team Can Adapt to the Open Water

The official swim season may end long before final exams, but that doesn’t mean the general bonding process should end. In fact, participating in summer activities with teammates will help even senior competitive swimmers to improve their techniques. Taking your swim team to an isolated lake for a group swimming workout with their custom woven towels is  … Read more

5 Reasons a Custom Woven Towel is Better Than a Generic Towel

When you’re shopping for gifts for your swim, baseball, or other sports team, team towels are a reliable and timeless choice. Whether team members use them for showering after games or practices, or for recreational purposes, student athletes love custom woven towels on any occasion. And there’s a good reason for that! It’s no secret  … Read more

5 Items Every Swimmer Needs in Their Swim Bag

At Team Towels, creating high-quality swim team gear is our primary area of expertise. We love supporting the swimming community with a diverse ensemble of products to make their lives easier. Obviously, many sports require their own, specific accessories. Football players can’t compete without helmets. Of course, hockey players can’t compete without their sticks, soccer  … Read more

5 Reasons to Choose White for Your Custom Team Towels

Visit any beach, and you’ll inevitably see an overwhelming number of endlessly colorful towels spread out across the sand. Any color’s subject to all the whims and preferences of fashion. For example, shades of blue may occasionally go in and out of style, and different purples might go in and out of popularity. However, there  … Read more

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4 Tips to Prepare Your Swim Team for 2021

The 2021 New Year is just about here. Very soon, another year will be behind us and we’ll set off into a new one. Traditionally, this is a time to reflect on your accomplishments of the past twelve months. In addition, it’s a time to figure out your goals for the new year. For swim  … Read more

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6 Reasons Kids Should Join a Swim Team

As proud members of the swimming community, we know that people of all ages love swimming. And we know, very well, of the several benefits that routine swimming can have for anybody! However, when it comes to kids, there are several distinct, exceptional reasons why they should join a swim team. Assets like learning a  … Read more

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4 Must-Have Essentials for the Athlete In Your Life

A good athlete is passionate about the game they play. When it comes to success in any sport, the key to victory is usually commitment. And the athletes who succeed do so because of their unwavering passion and determination. One of the best ways to encourage this kind of commitment is with custom gear that  … Read more