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5 Ways to Make Custom Woven Towels Absorbent Again

So, you ordered custom woven towels for your swim team. And they loved them! They bring the towels to each swim practice & meet, and even use them outside of the school setting. Not to mention the beautifully detailed team logo and personalized names! After time passes, though, you may begin to hear from your  … Read more

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7 Summer Activities that Need Custom Team Towels

This blog post was originally published on June 13th, 2017 and has been updated to include even more fun summer activities fit for custom team towels! The beginning of summer is a dream come true for high school students. Warmer weather and an end to schoolwork open up a whole lot of fun possibilities for  … Read more

Why Should You Avoid Sharing Towels?

Especially for teammates, sharing towels can be convenient. It’s a simple solution for drying off during a team beach outing, or after a practice when there is only one towel available. However, this is far from sanitary. Among other problems, sharing towels can create situations where germs are easily passed along. For school sports teams  … Read more

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6 Times Custom Swim Towels Will Come in Handy

For most people, swimming is a summer activity that goes along with warm temperatures and relaxation. But for swimmers, it’s a different story. Competitive swimmers are in the pool year-round, keeping their bodies in good shape and honing their techniques. That’s why having custom swim towels is so important. While there are plenty of times  … Read more

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7 Reasons to Buy Team Towels for the Cross Country Team

It’s no secret that all sports teams develop a unique bond through practicing and competing together. This principle holds true whether they’re swimming laps in the pool, shooting hoops on the court, or running outdoors. Cross country teams are no exception. Between spending hours together training and enduring the cold weather, cross country teams deserve  … Read more

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4 Reasons to Buy Custom Swim Team Towels Yearly

For students athletes, being on the swim team means balancing academics and athletics, all while pushing their physical boundaries. Most coaches appreciate this effort, and look for ways to reward this spirited work ethic. For many reasons, purchasing custom swim team towels is the best way to go. But with so many familiar faces on  … Read more

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Why Personalized Gifts Are the Best

Many people looking for the perfect gift eventually defer to a gift card or cash. Gift-giving can be tedious. But it doesn’t have to be. Regardless of the occasion, personalized custom woven towels are always a great gift choice. Read on to learn why personalized gifts can make a true difference in the recipient’s life.  … Read more

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Thinking Outside the Box: 6 Occasions to Buy Custom Woven Towels

Giving a friend or loved one a custom woven towel is a surefire way to brighten somebody’s day. And, this universally loved gift can be used practically in a number of situations. Whether you are going to the beach, hanging out with friends, or need a travel towel, custom woven towels come in the clutch.  … Read more

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3 Tips for Clean Swim Team Technique

Not so long ago, you were saying goodbye to your athletes for the summer, and wishing your senior athletes good luck in college. All of a sudden, it’s September– the summer is over, and your swim team is back in class. Before long, they’ll be pulling out their team colored custom woven towels, ready to  … Read more

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Team Towels: Why Is the Logo Important?

Your swim team is at the first meet of the season. As the swim team coach, you’ve witnessed them improve their technique and lap times throughout several practices. Now, they’re facing off against opponents from around the area. Throughout the pool complex, there are several team towels, each one representing a different team. How are  … Read more