Custom Woven Scarves

Item Details:

Each woven scarf measures 6.5″x 60″

Qty 50 Qty 100 Qty 150 Qty 300
$9.00 $8.50 $8.00 $7.50

Wrap yourself up in team spirit this winter in one of our custom woven scarves. Measuring 6.5″x 60″, your team name or mantra can be woven directly into the fabric of this soft and comfortable scarf. Our custom woven procedure allows the design to remain intact all year round.

Custom Woven Soccer Socks

Item Details:

Price is for a custom woven soccer sock with design on the cuff.

Color Qty 36 Qty 144 Qty 300
White $6.50 $5.00 $4.75
Colored $6.90 $5.40 $5.15

A must for any soccer or lacrosse player, these custom woven soccer socks compliment any uniform in style and spirit. Your team logo will be prominently displayed on the cuff of this soft and comfortable sock.

Available in a white or colored base. Check out our color chart with over forty different color combinations for your logo.

Custom Woven Crew Socks

Color Qty 36 Qty 144 Qty 300
White $5.75 $4.25 $4.00
Colored $6.15 $4.65 $4.40

Give a personalized touch to your team’s socks. Available in white or colored, weaving your team name into the sock will create a sharp, pro look. Made from 100% cotton, these woven socks are sure to protect the feet of your athlete in style. Show team spirit down to your tiptoes!

Custom Woven Low Top Socks

Color Qty 36 Qty 144 Qty 300
White $5.25 $3.75 $3.50
Colored $5.65 $4.15 $3.90

Give a personalized touch to your team’s socks. Available in white or colored, weaving your team name into the sock will create a sharp, professional look. Made from 100% cotton, these woven socks are sure to protect the feet of your athlete in style. Show team spirit down to your tiptoes!

Custom Water Resistant Drawstring Bags

Price includes 1 Color Print.
Add $0.75 for each additional Print Color

Style Size Drawstring Qty 50 Qty 100 Qty 150 Qty 300
8883 14×18 Matching $5.00 $4.70 $4.55 $4.45
8887 14×18 White $4.65 $4.30 $4.15 $4.00

Now your teammates can carry a change of clothes to the game, or out and about on non-game days, in spirited style! These custom water resistant drawstring bags make a solid statement while proudly displaying your team’s name and logo.

Available size is 14×18
Price includes 1 Color Print.
Add $0.75 for each additional Print Color.

Custom Sublimated Towels

Style Size lb/dz Qty 24 Qty 48 Qty 144
SUB3060 30×60 11 $21.00 $17.50 $14.50
SUB3560 35×60 14 $23.50 $20.00 $17.00

Sometimes, an experience can have such a large impact on your life that you want to commemorate it forever. As a coach, purchasing custom sublimated towels for your team is the best way to help them treasure the positive experiences they’ve shared. These towels are the perfect gift to present your team with as a graduation gift, or for one of many other occasions.


What is a Custom Sublimated Towel?

Most swim team towels are embroidered or screen-printed in your team colors with a simple logo. Custom sublimated towels take the potential for a memorable design one step further.

With custom sublimation, you can choose to place any picture that you want on a towel. This opens up a whole new world of customization possibilities.


Put a Breathtaking Image On Your Custom Sublimated Towel

Whether you are looking to purchase custom sublimated towels for your swim team or a family occasion, Team Towels can help. The picture that you bring to life can speak volumes about your character, especially when meeting new people. Common picture choices for custom sublimated towels include:

  • 1. School Logo: While it’s possible to have your school’s logo in a custom woven towel, a custom sublimated towel can bring a lot more detail into the picture. On a bigger, visually enhanced towel, your school logo will have richer colors, and an improved focus on the fine details. Alternatively, you can also choose to include a slightly altered logo, for special occasions.
  • 2. Picture of Your Team: Above all else, your team journeyed through this experience together. Custom sublimated towels are perfect for depicting your team in all of its glory.
  • 3. Game Time Picture: If you have pictures of your team in action, then a custom sublimated towel is the perfect place to put one of them. Whenever your team uses these towels, they will think back to and appreciate the good old days.
  • 4. Family Picture: Family photos never get old, and custom sublimated towels are a great place for them. If you have a picture from a Christmas card, recent vacation, or just quality time around the house, then it will be right at home on a custom sublimated towel.
  • 5. Natural Landscapes: Did somebody in your family take a particularly powerful picture on your last vacation? Having custom sublimated towels made is a great way to commemorate these fun times.


There Are No Limits

With custom sublimated towels, you can select any picture that you want. Pictures of your pets, television characters, and even the beach are all fair game.


The Custom Sublimation Process

Towel sublimation is a complex process, but offers several long-standing benefits.

To perfectly translate the desired image to the fabric, we use a special sublimation paper. Because sublimation paper is designed to be safe from inks, we use dye. After printing the design on the sublimation paper, we apply the paper to the towel, using a heat press to ensure that the dye absorbs into the towel. After that, the custom sublimated towels are set aside to cool off.


Pictures That Will Endure

The custom sublimation process allows the towel to maintain this design for years to come. Because the thorough heating process prevents any dye from running off of the towel, your custom sublimated towels will keep a sharp, clear image. Even in the face of frequent washing and unfiltered sunlight, your custom sublimated towel will have outstanding durability.


Custom Sublimated Towel Sizes

Our custom sublimated towels are available in two sizes, either 30×60 or 35×60.

For full enjoyment, we always encourage all of our customers to purchase the longer option.


How Long Do Custom Sublimated Towels Take to Process?

Custom sublimated towel orders take between 4-5 weeks to process and ship, in order to maintain an extremely high quality.


Custom Colored Towels

Must print a darker color than the color of the towel or a tone on tone print.

Style Size lb/dz Qty 50 Qty 100 Qty 150 Qty 300
3060 30×60 10.5 $16.00 $13.75 $12.75 $12.25
3560 35×60 14 $18.25 $16.00 $15.00 $14.25

Style 3060 Color Choices:
Lime, Navy, Pink, Red, Royal, Yellow, Orange

Style 3560 Color Choices:
Red, Navy, Royal, Yellow

Give your team or company a bold look with our custom colored towels. Available in two sizes, 30×60 and 35×60.

Custom Printed White Towels

Price includes 1 Color Print.
Add $1.25 for each additional color.

Style Size lb/dz 50 count 100 count 150 count 300 count
2958* 29×58 8 $12.00 $9.85 $8.75 $8.25
3060 30×60 12 $14.25 $12.25 $11.00 $10.50
3460 24×60 14 $15.75 $13.75 $12.50 $12.00
3568 35×68 18 $18.00 $15.75 $15.00 $14.50

Note: Item with a (*) is not made in the USA.

Are you eager to give your team a bold and striking way to dry off comfortably and display their logo? With Custom Printed White Towels, you can place any-color logo in the center of flawless white cotton material. Not only is this gorgeous, it also makes your logo more prominent, vivid and recognizable. As with any gift, the personal touch of Custom Printed White Towels give them an unforgettable longevity your athletes will value for years to come.

Of course, white towels will always hold a timeless appeal and never go out of style the way many colors do. Without a doubt, white is the most popular color choice for towels for a reason! Also, their versatility and ability to match any uniform, outfit or school color palette give them an additional advantage for team towels. Custom Printed White Towels will remain an enduring gift that will never go out of style! They’re one of the most reliable and popular towel options because of their universal appeal, bright, optic sense of cleanliness, and several other reasons.

Additionally, these 100% cotton towels are one of the most durable and resilient towel fabrics available. Proudly displaying your logo in the center, Custom Printed White Towels won’t fade or discolor anytime soon.

Available in four different styles and sizes!

Custom Team Towel Sizes

Regardless of your needs, Team Towels has the perfect towel size for you to choose from. Available in four sizes for any needs, quantities, occasion or budget, our Custom Printed White Towel options can absolutely accommodate your team.

Our custom printed white towels are available in four sizes: 29×58, 30×60, 24×60, or 35×68.

Huge Color Selection

Does your school have a unique color palette? Unfortunately, many coaches, teachers and parents struggle to find products that can incorporate their colors. However, here at Team Towels, our color selection is unparalleled. No matter what your particular colors, we can create a product that is perfect for your team.

Standard towel prices include one color. Each additional color comes with a surcharge of $1.25.

Custom Woven Towels

Style Size lb/dz 50 Towels 100 Towels 300 Towels
JA3060 30×60 18.5 $25.00 $24.00 $23.00
JA3460 34×60 21 $27.00 $26.00 $25.00

Are you looking for an extraordinary gift for the athletes in your life? Custom woven team towels are an essential way to celebrate their talent and their commitment to the game. Without a doubt, they’re also the best way to show team spirit. Also, they’re an exceptional way to encourage your team with a beautiful, personal gift that anyone can use. Our custom woven towels are much more than just a beautiful and vibrant way to promote your team every season. In addition, they’re an enduring keepsake and a reminder of profound memories with teammates and coaches.

For athletes, towels are about more than simply drying off. Towels present a new opportunity for athletes to enjoy the camaraderie of their teammates in a fun and constructive setting.


Why Choose Custom Woven Towels?

Of course, custom woven towels are about so much more than function. Obviously, their plush, super-soft cotton material is both comfortable, absorbent and pleasant to use to dry off. However, they’re superior because their custom colors, imagery and logo reinforce team unity and the drive to succeed. Custom woven team towels represent some of the fondest memories any athlete will carry with them well into adulthood. Also, they’re one of the most essential items for any swimmer to keep in their swim bag

In addition, custom woven towels’ many unique and diverse uses make them an exceptional gift for just about any occasion. At Team Towels, we encourage you to engage all your creativity when designing your towels. This guarantees an incomparable product you’ll love for years to come.


A Unique & Heartfelt Gift

Of course, at Team Towels we know very well how custom woven towels can make anyone who receives them feel special and appreciated. Therefore, we go the extra mile in encouraging you to customize your towels in order to best reflect the spirit of your team, school, homecoming or any other event. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate swim team gift or an amazing way to memorialize an event, custom woven towels remain a practical gift with a personal touch

One of the best parts of custom woven towels? Anyone can use them! Without a doubt, custom woven towels are easily among the most universally-applicable items that anyone can appreciate for their function alone. Everyone needs to dry off, so they come in handy very often!

However, at Team Towels, we combine vivid, eye-catching artwork with plush, absorbent material of the highest quality to guarantee something far more unforgettable than a generic towel. In fact, we’re certain that a custom, personal woven towel can inspire anything from team unity to sincere, heartfelt gratitude. 

Custom woven towels give you the chance to remind athletes, teammates, students, friends, family or even co-workers of what they mean to you on so many occasions. At Team Towels, we encourage you to refine the color, logo and text to best reflect the contributions that people make everyday and show your appreciation in a creative, profound way. 


Personalize Your Team Towels

At Team Towels, we go the extra mile in making each team member feel special. By ordering our custom woven towels, you can remind each member of his or her unique contributions, while helping them to feel like part of a family.

  • Towel Color: Team colors are an essential aspect of their identity! Fortunately, you can highlight your team spirit and cultivate the team image by selecting and applying your team’s individual colors! Or, you can select a specific background color to perfectly accompany the team logo of your choice.
  • School Logo: Let the world see your identity with your school’s logo! We carefully weave any logo you like into the material to ensure a superior product and an image that won’t fade anytime soon. In addition, our refined woven towel process means a much more flexible and resilient image that’s a lot more resistant to fading, discoloration or distress. Our towels’ logos are always distinct, vivid and undeniably eye-catching. Whether you choose to use the generic school logo or a variant for specific teams, this logo will be immediately recognizable.
  • End of Towel: Along with colors and logo, you have the additional option of including either the year, team name or any other text you’d like up to 26 characters. For an additional surcharge of $1.50 per towel, you can personalize the opposite end of the towel, as well.

To learn more about the custom woven towel ordering process, check out our guide.


Wear-Resistant Material Designed To Last

Of course, these towels must endure the considerable wear-and-tear of swim meets and team practices. Therefore, selecting a durable material is essential. Naturally, you want to keep your towels as colorful, plush and vibrant as possible.

Fortunately, our vivid, custom woven towels last significantly longer than towels with inferior designs and subpar material. Because we craft our towels with stronger, higher-quality materials, they won’t deteriorate from regular use, unlike their alternative. 

  • Image Quality: Unlike woven towels, screen-printed towels contain graphic elements with shallow, inefficient bonding techniques that fade or disappear quickly, even with moderate use. However, at Team Towels, we utilize an intricate, powerful embroidery system in order to guarantee a superior product.


Custom Woven Towel Sizes: Our custom woven towels are available in two sizes, either 30×60 or 34×60.

Personalized Color Selection: At Team Towels, we offer a diverse palette of over 40 colors to choose from. Therefore, no matter what your team’s personal aesthetic may be, you’ll have no trouble customizing your towels to represent it as accurately as possible. In addition, you can incorporate up to 3 different, distinct colors to choose from so you can refine your custom woven towels to your liking.