5 Occasions to Gift Custom Swim Team Towels

As a swim team coach, it becomes your responsibility to give swimmers every possible tool for them to succeed. With your expertise, you can pass on the skills, mindset and attitude for success as a swimmer. But, beyond all of this, it’s also important to be a motivator for your team. One of the best ways to develop a sense of unity among your swimmers is by giving them custom swim team towels. Read on to learn about the occasions where this gift will be the most impactful.

Why Order Custom Swim Team Towels?

In order to succeed throughout the season, it’s critical for your athletes to establish a common bond amongst each other. Custom swim team towels can be indispensable to creating this bond. By giving them the opportunity to share a sublimated towel with the same design, you are boosting their sense of team pride. With this in mind, each swim meet and practice will only bring them closer together.

Ordering a custom swim team towel is easy. Plus, they’ll have something to dry off with at the end of the meet or practice! In addition, there are numerous other potential unique uses for these towels.

5 Occasions for Custom Woven Towels

1. First Practice – Welcome Back to Swimming!

Of course, the team’s return to practice is important for both the coach and the team. For new swimmers, it signifies a fresh start. For those with a few years of experience, this return means an opportunity to improve. Coaches relish the opportunity to again help athletes reach their highest potential.

Therefore, giving your team custom towels during the first practice is a great way to kick off the season and also create fond memories. Doing so will immediately motivate them to give it their all and commit wholeheartedly throughout the season.

swim practice

2. Homecoming

Who said that you can only gift custom swim team towels to swim teams?

Homecoming is a pivotal time for athletes. If you’re a football coach, then you understand the defining experience that athletes have during the Homecoming season. By embracing the camaraderie of fellow students, they’re creating enduring memories that will stay with them forever.

Team towels may be a great way to help them do so. By distributing team towels to your football (or even cross-country) team, you can demonstrate your confidence in them. This will also show your gratitude for their efforts. Selling team towels before or during Homecoming can also be a great fundraiser.

3. First Meet of the Season

This is the moment that your team’s been working toward for weeks. The first meet of the season is a very emotional time for swimmers. After practicing their strokes diligently, the first meet tests their ability to perform under pressure.

swim meet

So, the end of the first meet is a very handy time for swim coaches to give their team this meaningful gift. This is true regardless of the results. In the case of a victory, swim team towels are sure to raise the spirits of the team. However, in the event of a loss, team towels are sure to be an uplifting surprise. Regardless, your team will surely have a fantastic first opportunity to use them.

4. After a Meaningful Victory

There’s nothing like the triumphant taste of an unlikely victory. If your team has a competitive streak, then winning the highly-anticipated match against their rivals will be critical to them. Or, if your team’s been training particularly hard for a special event, then the victory will be doubly gratifying.

While they may be difficult to plan for, occasions like these are perfect for giving your team the personalized gift they need.

5. Final Meet of the Swim Season

Some teams respond best to gifts as a motivator. Others appreciate them more as a reward. After a trying season with physical and emotional stress, a team towel is the ultimate reward. Not only will it be a reminder of the times they had together, but team towels are also great for summer activities. Team workouts, summer sports and college visits are all enhanced by a team towel.

Order Team Towels Today

Regardless of the occasion, purchasing a team towel for your swim team is a no-brainer. And we can help. For more information on ordering custom team towels, contact Team Towels today!