Woman walking with a towel around her on a pristine beach with the word BEACH spelled out on the towel.

The Main Differences Between Beach & Bath Towels

There are hand towels, beach towels, swim team towels, bath towels, custom woven towels, custom colored towels and more. Who knew there were so many different varieties? Of course, at Team Towels, we’re the experts on all things team towels! However, this time of year, towels are more frequently-used than ever. 

Between the beach, boat trips, pools and more, summer’s the season we’re constantly reaching for a towel to dry off. However, most people indiscriminately bring whatever towel was closest or cleanest wherever they go, without asking themselves if the towel itself is meant for that. But did you know there is a specific difference between bath and swim towels? In this post, we’ll explore the different specifications for each. While you’re getting ready to place your end-of-season Team Towel order, here’s what you should know about proper towel usage to give your team towels a longer lifespan. 

Originally published on July 8, 2021, this post has been updated for accuracy and relevancy.


Beach Towels vs. Bath Towels

Of course, the natural assumption is “they’re both the same thing.” However, when investing in a custom set of high-quality swim team towels, they’re obviously something you want to preserve for as long as possible. Therefore, following the right care instructions and avoiding unnecessary wear-and-tear is essential to preserving the original beauty, vivid colors and custom art of each towel. 

How do you accomplish this? By only using the towel for its intended purpose. In this case, limiting your team towel to beach trips and swim meats can go a long way towards keeping them in excellent shape. Similarly, keeping your bath towels for the bath and shower will extend their life as well.



This is the most prevalent (and obvious) difference. Beach towels aren’t only for drying off. They also serve as makeshift picnic blanket or lounge sheets to lay on. Therefore, beach towels are generally a lot bigger than their bath counterparts. Beach towels tend to come along for several different summertime activities, making larger size a necessity. 

With our Custom Printed Towels, you can select exactly what size you want and use them accordingly. If you want a gorgeous beach accessory, order a larger towel! 


Material & Thickness 

One very helpful principle to remember: bath towels mean a spa-like, luxury comfort experience. Therefore, their material is thicker, plusher, more voluminous and all-around fluffy. Bath towels are meant to be kept indoors, cared for rigidly, and definitely not subjected to the rough and unstable texture of sand and pebbles. Because of their soft and supple cotton texture, bath towels attract dirt and microorganisms in outdoor settings. 

On the other hand, you can instantly recognize a beach towel for its lighter, airier linen fabric which dries faster and travels much easier. Also, unlike bath towels, beach towels have a unique antimicrobial material which allows for fast absorption and even faster drying. 


Conclusion – Team Towels 

Ultimately, your towel preference should depend on how you intend to use it. Regardless of whether you want it take it on summertime adventures with you or preserve its exceptional quality indoors, we’re always here to help. Aside from their importance while swimming or at the beach, our team towels can be an enduring way to inspire unity and consistent improvement in your athletes.