Red Custom Towel Hanging by Swimming Pool

Custom Woven Towels: How to Keep Them Comfortable

Is there anything better after a tiresome swim than using a plush, comfortable towel to dry off? Embracing a fluffy towel after a series of breaststrokes and dolphin kicks can be just as refreshing and satisfying as the swim itself. However, what happens when that towel gets older and becomes less comfortable? A custom team towel is as comfortable as it is stylish. But how do you preserve the comfort?

There’s no pleasure in trying to dry off with a scratchy and coarse custom woven towel. Below, we’ve gathered proven techniques to keep your towels delightfully soft and pleasant for as long as possible. One (or all) of these tactics will help you to maintain that exquisite comfort level for your towels. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep them nice and soft for many years to come.

How to Clean Towels Properly

Surprisingly, most towel deterioration comes from over-cleaning. That’s right, you’ve been cleaning them too much! Who knew that frequent cleaning could ever be a bad thing? But unfortunately, in this case, it’s true. The excessive cleaning of your custom team towels is actually damaging them.

Also, you could be harming your towel’s capacity for long-term comfort with improper use. Many people bring their bath towels to the beach. Sadly, this is totally inadvisable and actually hurts the quality of the towel.

  1. Avoid Fabric Softeners– Now this is another tip that might seeem counter-intuitive. Naturally, our assumption is that fabric softeners can only improve the softness and comfort of our personalized towels. However, this isn’t the case. Fabric softeners prevent soap from ever truly reaching a towel’s fibers during the wash cycle. Therefore, it can’t be properly cleaned.
    Substitute fabric softener for 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Basically, white vinegar will accomplish the same exact goal. It will soften and condition your towels. However, vinegar will not inhibit the cleaning process. Additionally, you should limit your use of dryer sheets as much as possible.
  2. Wash in Small Loads- When washing your custom woven towels, you should always do so in small loads. Naturally, when washing our towels we want it done as quickly as possible. Therefore, we usually try to fit as many towels in the washing machine as possible. However, this isn’t a good idea. Filling the washing machine prevents each towel from being properly cleaned and conditioned.

    But if you limit the size of each load, it gives ample space for the towels to be washed. It also permits more room in the dryer to properly dry. Essentially, smaller loads allow for each towel to be treated.

  3. Time the Load Accordingly- Obviously, we all lead busy lives and have hectic schedules. Sometimes, it’s easy for us to forget a load of laundry in the washing machine for a while. However, the longer you wait to dry your custom towels, the more you allow mold and mildew to infiltrate them. To keep your towels plush and soft, do your best to streamline this process. Try to limit the time between washing machine and dryer.
  4. Choose Detergent Wisely- When you wash your towels, try your best to avoid heavy-duty detergents. These kinds of formulas can have an adverse effect on the softness of your towels. Keep an eye out for the milder detergents. If you don’t have any, then use less detergent per load.


Additional Post-Washing Tips

So – you’ve washed your custom team towels! You’ve dried them! Now, what can you do to keep them as plush and comfortable as possible? Well even after you’ve washed and dried, there are some important tips than can help to keep them in great shape.

  • Store Neatly- Naturally, it’s a lot more tempting to leave our towels on the nearest chair or in a laundry basket. However, you should always hang them up when they’re not in use. This is especially true if the towel isn’t dry. Keeping your towels on the floor makes them an easy access point for bacteria. (This is also why you should never share them.) Putting away a damp towel can amplify this issue.
  • Dry at Low Heat- A great rule of thumb is to check your towel’s care label. Most towel’s labels recommend drying at a low heat. Basically, limiting high heat will prevent the towel’s fabric from hardening or deteriorating.



There’s no point in a towel that isn’t soft and comfortable! No matter what kind of unique uses you have in mind, following these guidelines will keep your towels as plush and pleasant as possible. You might think these are steps that are time-consuming, but ultimately, there’s no doubt that you’ll find them very rewarding.

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