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2020: Swim Team Holiday Gift Guide

That time of the year is here – it’s time to prepare for the holidays! And the holidays are busy, hectic madness for just about everyone, swim coaches included. Also, 2020 has been a pretty exceptional year, for a wide range of unique circumstances. Between keeping your team in good spirits, at the top of their game and preparing for the festivities at home, the holidays can be a little stressful. This holiday season, in particular, may be particularly challenging.

However, for most coaches, showing appreciation for your most dedicated athletes is an important priority, regardless of the year’s events. Therefore, the best way to show your team that you care is to order custom swim team gear!

We’ve put together a 2020 holiday swim team gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for your athletes.

1. Custom Woven Towels

After a tough race or intense practice, there’s nothing as satisfying as drying off. And, with custom woven towels, your team can dry off in customized style. You can gift custom woven towels on several occasions, but the holidays might be the most appropriate.

We make each towel with highly durable material that will feel comfortable, stay plush and absorb a lot of water. With your logo proudly emblazoned onto their towels, your team can enjoy the unity of being a part of an ensemble.

You can also personalize each individual team member’s towel! Personalized gifts are widely considered to be the best gifts you can give. You can add each athlete’s name to the end of their towels; and the logo and lettering will not wash off or fade anytime soon. It will undeniably remain a gift they’ll cherish for many, many years to come.

2. Custom Sublimated Towels

If you find your team already has a set of custom woven towels, a more creative gift can help them get into the holiday spirit. With custom sublimated towels, you can select any image you’d like for the towel’s design. That’s right – any image!

Some teams choose to use a more detailed version of their school logo. And team photos – whether posing as a group or in the midst of a swim meet – are also a popular choice. There are zero limits to your options, so let your imagination run wild! And best of all: these towels will maintain a clear, vivid image for years to come.

3. Custom Printed White Towels

There’s no better way to give your team a fresh, clean and unified look than white custom printed white towels. 100% cotton makes up the entire towel – easily the most plush and absorbent material. And they proudly display your team’s logo directly in the center. In addition to bolstering your team’s confidence, they’re likely to be the envy (and maybe even intimidation) of any opponents you might compete with throughout the year.

Custom printed white towels are fantastic for a number of reasons. Custom printed white towels are probably the best way to show team spirit. Additionally, they’re available in four different styles and sizes, so you can customize them according to your needs and specifications. Since the towel itself is a vivid, optic white, your logo can be emblazoned in any color you like.

4. Custom Colored Towels

If you’re looking to give your team the boldest and most distinctive look possible, then custom colored towels are the best choice for you. With these towels, you can select from a wide range of colors to fill your towels. And you can add the logo and print of your choice to the towels to create an unforgettable design.

We craft these towels in two styles: Style 3060 and Style 3560. Style 3060 towels measure 30”x60” and are available in lime green, navy blue, pink, red, royal, yellow and orange. And Style 3560 measure 35”x60” and is available in red, navy, royal and yellow.

5. Swim Team Socks

Let’s be honest: your swim team isn’t always in the pool! And when they’re not at the pool or drying off with a customized towel, there are still plenty of ways for them to display their allegiance.

Customized socks can bring your team’s logo to life. And they can be worn (and proudly displayed) before or after games, and outside of school! Team spirit can be on display virtually anywhere with swim team soccer socks.

Low-top socks and crew socks are a few additional styles available to customize for your team.

4. Custom Woven Scarves

While they won’t be much use in the pool, scarves make the perfect holiday gift for your swim team (or any team, really). These custom scarves, like the socks, can display your team’s name, along with a mantra or slogan on the opposite side! And we can also add your school or team colors in fringe on the ends.

The scarves are designed to be comfortable, plush, warm and durable. They’re crafted with high-quality material that will keep them stylish and functional for many years to come.

5. Water Resistant Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are a must-have for all athletes, swimmers or otherwise. However, for swimmers, water-resistant bags are especially crucial. With your team’s logo prominently displayed, your swimmers will never lose them.

As an added bonus, they’re an essential way for your swimmers to transport the gear they need like goggles, swim caps and towels. And they’re also perfect for carrying books, glasses and any other necessities.

Thanks to the water-resistant material, the contents of the bag won’t get wet even if they’re directly next to the pool.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile this holiday season for your team, drawstring bags are a very creative way to show your appreciation. They’re also among the most universally embraced products that everyone can appreciate.

What’s more: they make a very creative way to deliver the other holiday gifts in style!

2020 Holiday Gifts for Swimmers

Customized team gifts are the perfect way to show your appreciation for your team during the holiday season. And no matter which of them you choose, your swimmers will absolutely appreciate the gesture.

Happy holidays from Team Towels!