Custom Sublimated Towel

7 Picture Ideas for Sublimated Custom Towels

Selecting a design for a sublimated towel is like choosing a next tattoo: you know it’s going to be great, and last for a long time. Therefore, you better make it count. Unlike screen-printed towels that can display only simple images and fade in short order, sublimated towels can reproduce high-quality images. Also, they last a lot longer. And, of course, they do a lot to inspire athletes and promote an enduring sense of team loyalty. So, what kind of image is worthy of sublimation? Read on for some reliable suggestions for your next order of sublimated swim team towels.

How Does Towel Sublimation Work?

During the sublimation process, we use special sublimation paper to apply a dye (rather than ink) to the towel. This creates a detailed, intricate and beautiful personalized image. Next, we use a commercial heat press (which reaches astonishing temperatures) to ensure it resonates and doesn’t go anywhere for a very long time. This process affords the design on the towels a lot more durability than others. However, be sure to keep them clean and they’ll remain colorful, plush and vibrant!


1. Detailed School Logo

Sometimes, school pride brings you and your team together more than anything else. A sublimated towel with your vibrant school logo will absolutely instill more pride in your team than anything. Also, they’ll serve the dual purpose of advertising your team wherever you or your swimmers may bring them. These unique advantages will endure throughout the summer, and well beyond it.

Shamrocks Swim Team Logo on Towel

2. Team Picture

Sports teams cultivate lifelong friendships and fierce, permanent unity. A picture of your team will remind your athletes of their friends on and off the field (or court). Not only is it great for morale, but it will also remind others that your team is a force to be reckoned with. No one underestimates a close-knit team who support one another.

School Baseball Team

3. Game Action Shot

Sometimes, the stressful moments on the field are more memorable than the joyous ones. A dynamic photo of your team members in action, performing at their very highest capability, is guaranteed to resonate profoundly with all athletes. Just make sure it’s a winning shot!

4. Picture of The Field

This is the place where the magic happens. What better way to get the nostalgia flowing during team beach reunions than looking at pictures of your old stomping grounds? A picture of your school’s field on a custom sublimated towel will remind your team of their roots, and of all the joyous memories.

close up of an american football on the field, players in the background

5. Landscapes

The Grand Canyon. Niagara Falls. The Adirondacks.

There are countless beautiful landscapes suitable for your custom sublimated towel, but the choice of which one to use is yours. Have a favorite photo of a sunrise you took on a recent vacation? Because each sublimated towel is custom, we can use your own original photography to design your towel.

6. Family Portrait

Show off how beautiful your family is– or their wild side.

Whether it’s your extended family in all of their glory or your immediate family during their most intimate occasions, a custom sublimated towel with a family portrait on it will help you to always think of them throughout beach trips.

7. Pet

Don’t forget about your furry friends. A cute picture of your pet will be sure to attract attention for your dog, cat, or fish.

Anything Else You Can Imagine!

With custom sublimated towels, anything is a possibility. So feel free to get creative!

No matter which picture you choose, custom sublimated towels are durable, and will help you through several summers. At Team Towels, we produce custom towels, clothing, and more for those looking to distribute promotional items or gifts. Nothing serves as a better gift for swimmers (or any other kind of athlete) than custom towels created to reflect their hard work and success, at the beginning or end of the season.

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