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3 Tips for Clean Swim Team Technique

Not so long ago, you were saying goodbye to your athletes for the summer, and wishing your senior athletes good luck in college. All of a sudden, it’s September– the summer is over, and your swim team is back in class. Before long, they’ll be pulling out their team colored custom woven towels, ready to make the plunge once again. While they’ve likely been participating in summer workouts, your swim team could be somewhat rusty on their techniques. Starting off the new season on the right foot is the best way to encourage success later on in the season.


1. Help Your Team Master the Fundamentals

As many figures throughout history have previously stated, mastering the fundamentals of any sport or activity is crucial to success. This is no different for your swim team.

Many swimmers may not be able to easily recall the fundamentals of proper strokes. If they’ve spent the whole summer casually swimming at pool parties, they have been out of the competitive mindset. So, taking the time to emphasize the importance of the fundamentals is important.

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For experienced swimmers who have spent plenty of time in the water, this should be simple. Take the time to ensure that they are breathing properly, and deliberately. Gliding is also an important skill to brush up on– which will boost your team’s coordination skills. And, for excellent race times, be sure to help them refine their diving technique.

When your swim team demonstrates that they understand the fundamentals, this is a great sign. Soon enough, they’ll be proudly drying off with their custom woven towels, admiring their team towel’s logo, and celebrating.

2. Encourage Your Team to Set Goals

Setting goals is the best way to foster self-improvement– aside from gifting your team custom woven towels. Without doing so, you have nothing to hold yourself accountable for– and no way to evaluate your progress. The same principle applies to your swim team. Between the time they receive their custom woven towel and the end of the season, they should improve in a number of ways.

For some swimmers, this might mean improving lap times. This can be a difficult undertaking, and will not show any results right away. For other swimmers, learning an altogether new skill might be the priority. Team members who normally do the breastroke might learn the butterfly stroke. Or, distance swimmers might choose to enter the world of sprint swimming. Regardless, encouraging them to branch out and learn a new skill might inspire their interest. If you help them to find a new passion, then they’ll be able to put their trusty custom woven towels to new use.

3. Push Your Team to Develop Positive Lifestyle Habits

Even if your swimmers are fully committed to giving their all in practices, it may not be enough. To succeed, your swim team should be fully devoted to positive athletic lifestyle habits.

So, encouraging swimmers to train regularly (whether or not there is a scheduled practice) is critical. This will reinforce their techniques, and keep their physical form in shape as well. They should also pay attention to their eating habits while training. It’s important to eat foods that provide lots of nutrients, without taking in too many saturated fats. For example, carbs can give them a great energy boost before a swim meet.

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Finally, encouraging your swim team to learn positive time management skills is also important. While swimming is obviously important to your team, they need time to study, complete assignments, and handle other obligations. Helping your team members to become true student athletes will give your custom woven towels a whole new meaning. And, your team will also find success in other academic pursuits.

Custom Woven Towels

As a swim team coach, you have a lot of responsibility on your hands. But, with consistent encouragement, your team can meet their goals and succeed. At Team Towels, we’re here to provide your team with moral support throughout this process! Once you send us your custom woven towel design, we’ll create lasting, beautiful towels that will help your team to keep their eyes on their goals.