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Custom Printed Swim Towels: How to Keep them Clean

At Team Towels, we love nothing more than the sense of team unity you get from your custom sports towels. However, did you know that pride goes well beyond the field? When it comes to your custom woven towels, maintenance is just as important as team spirit.

Keeping your custom towels clean is important. Why? Because you want to take pride in your team’s accessories, of course. But there are a few other reasons.


Towels Love Germs

Obviously, your custom woven towels are going to get wet. Our towels are just as plush and absorbent as they are beautiful. As a result, they’re susceptible to a lot of moisture. They’re most vulnerable to germs and bacteria when they’re wet. When all the elements – like warm temperatures, oxygen, and the body’s natural pH combine, it’s a perfect storm for germ invasion.

As soon as you start drying off with your towels, your body’s skin and residue that you’re removing create a moisture that provides favorable temperature for germs to breed. It may sound gross, but it’s a cold, hard fact. Additionally, this is one of the many reasons you shouldn’t share towels. If you’re looking to avoid this, the solution is to keep them clean.


How Often Should You Wash Your Towels?

If you consider the above paragraph, you can probably answer this question yourself. Wash your towel after every use. If you’re one of those people who think it’s okay to reuse a towel a couple of times without washing, think again. If you let it go, you’ll start to notice unpleasant odors, like mildew. Who wants to dry off with a moldy towel?

Throw your towel in your laundry hamper after every use. When you’re ready to wash it, use the warm water setting. Hot or warm water will get your custom sport towels super clean and smelling fresh! Since it’s a special, custom towel, you also want to make sure it is always looking its sharpest. Additionally, a regular cleaning regimen will help to keep your towels colorful, plush and vibrant.


Worried About Your Custom Name and Logo?

You’ve seen those custom made t-shirts that fade quickly after a wash or two, right? Well with our custom woven towels, that’s not an issue. We know that your personalized team towel is important to you. You want to preserve your towel’s beauty for as long as possible. Well, don’t worry. Basically, our towels are custom woven, so every image is infused directly into your towel.

This is a rare attribute in customized clothing and accessories. Usually, images and names are printed or pressed onto the fabric. This isn’t the case at Team Towels. We take deliberate, specific care with every towel, custom woven crew sock, and custom woven scarves. Each stitch of your logo or name will last many years worth of washings. Your towel will absolutely maintain its fresh, professional appeal through multiple washings.