5 Items Every Swimmer Needs in Their Swim Bag

At Team Towels, creating high-quality swim team gear is our primary area of expertise. We love supporting the swimming community with a diverse ensemble of products to make their lives easier. Obviously, many sports require their own, specific accessories. Football players can’t compete without helmets. Of course, hockey players can’t compete without their sticks, soccer players their cleats, and so on. In addition, swimmers certainly can’t exist without their swim bags.

A swim bag has become an essential aspect of every swimmer’s routine. Whether they’re on their way to practice or a swim meet, you can bet on them toting around their swim bag. In this post, we’ll list the five most critical items every swimmer needs in their bag. Ultimately, these accessories are must-haves for any up-and-coming swimmer.

1. Swimwear

Obviously, it’s very likely you’re responding to this suggestion with: “duh.” Sure, this is the most obvious suggestion. However, it’s a given for a reason: because it’s incredibly important. What swimmer can dive in the pool without their swimsuit?

Additionally, there are some selections that are much more advisable than others for athletic swimmers. Form-fitting training and competition suits prevent drag in the pool and promote efficient swimming. Of course, personalized swimsuits with colors or patterns that best represent your team are exceptional choices. And it’s never a bad idea to pack a back-up suit in your bag, just in case.

2. Goggles

Without goggles, athletic swimming would be virtually impossible. They keep water (and chlorine) out of the eyes and permit visibility as you swim. Basically, it would be impossible to adequately get a sense of your surroundings (your lane and other swimmers) without goggles.

Additionally, when you’re choosing googles, you want a pair that’s comfortable, high-quality and an excellent fit. It’s possible you’ll have to try on several pairs before finding the ideal pair. Just like your swimsuit, it’s a good idea to pack an extra pair.

3. Custom Team Towel

These are critical for a couple of reasons. First, you’ll need to dry off after every practice or match, naturally. Second, custom team towels create unity, inspire team spirit and loyalty, and generally just come in handy for many other reasons. They’ve become imperative to the athletic swimmer’s experience.

At Team Towels, our numerous selections from custom printed white towels to sublimated towels are plush, comfortable and simply gorgeous accessories for any athlete.

4. Earplugs

Swimmer’s ear is a wildly unpleasant affliction. And any aspiring swimmer who suffers from regular swimmer’s ear can’t pursue their sport without earplugs. Without them, they would experience severe pain on a consistent basis. If you’re a swimmer subject to swimmer’s ear, these absolutely belong in your bag.

Even if this doesn’t happen to you, it’s still likely you’d want to keep your ears free from water. If you have trouble keeping earplugs in, try an ear band, as well. It goes around the head and covers the ears to keep your earplugs stable while you’re in the water.

5. Swim Cap 

Another swimming must-have, these help swimmers maintain focus and precision on their game. They keep hair out of the face and eyes, plus reduce drag, ensuring a fast, stable swim. In addition, swim caps help protect hair from chlorine damage, though it doesn’t block out water entirely.

When shopping for a swim cap, you should examine the size and material. Latex stretches, allowing more flexibility, while silicone caps are easier to remove. Additionally, they come in various colors and patterns, which you can match with your team or swimwear.

Conclusion – Team Towels

At Team Towels, we’re passionate about serving the swimming community. Without a doubt, all of our products and services are in place to make sure we provide them with as much support as we can. We couldn’t do what we do without student athletes. And these five simple essentials will go a long way towards enhancing their talent and athletic precision.