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Spirit ’17: Start Your Team’s Year Off Right

2017 is right around the corner. Your team’s sport may still be in its season, or it will be starting up by Spring. Now is the time to get your athletes motivated, whether or not there are any games coming up. Here are some ideas to make 2017 the year of team spirit.


1. Have a Post or Pre Season Rally

Getting your athletes pumped up can be motivating for everyone. If your season has ended, and it wasn’t the most successful one for the team, still have a rally for them. Congratulate them on their efforts and let them know that they are still winners. For the pre-season, pump your athletes up! They need to know that they are playing their sport because they love it and need to perform with pride and confidence. A great way to get them all ready for the season is to give them some personalized custom sport team towels. That’s always a great way to pump up their pride.

2. Organize a Fundraiser

Your team deserves to have the best of the best, because that is exactly what they are. Reach out to their families and friends to organize a fundraiser. This is a fantastic way for your teammates to work together and increase sportsmanship. It also gives people outside of the team a way to get involved in team spirit. Some great ideas for fundraisers are bake sales, dances, raffles, and selling products.

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Team Towels has great options for fundraising merchandise because we can design and sell in bulk amounts. Consider ordering a bunch of our personalized water resistant drawstring bags. Part of your fundraiser could be filling them up with some other team equipment items, or even more products from Team Towels like our custom sports socks, or custom sport team towels.

3. Give Some Late Holiday Gifts

Proving that you care about your team goes a long way, especially during the holidays. It is never too late to give your team members some presents when they get back to school. Pride can be raised in your athletes in many ways, thoughtfulness being one of them. Thanking your athletes for all of their hard work by getting them custom sublimated towels, or custom sports socks would show that you care about the team as much as they should.

The team at Team Towels wants your team to succeed at what they do. Make 2017 the year of team spirit by contacting us today so we can get personalizing your team’s items!