Custom Sublimated Towel

Towel Sublimation: How Do We Do It?

Have you ever wondered how we get the image of your school or stadium onto our custom towels? The images get printed into the towels by a highly advanced printing method called sublimation.


What Is Sublimation?

Sublimation is the process of solids turning into gasses without them first turning to liquids. A good example of this would be the surface of ice turning into fog or steam without melting. Dye sublimation is the process of dyeing an image directly into fabric. In the case of Team Towels, the fabric is your custom team towel!


How do We Print Your Custom Image?

The sublimation printing process is almost the same process you’d use to print anything at work or home. The only difference is what we use. We use sublimation paper to print your image.  Sublimation paper is specially coated, therefore it does not absorb ink. Consequently, we use dye sublimation ink instead of regular ink. This helps in transferring ink onto the surface of the towel.

custom towel printing


The Heat Is On!

Directly after printing, we place the sublimation paper on the towel. We use a commercial heat press to apply heat and pressure to the paper and the towel. Doing this causes the ink to sublimate, or become a gas. The pressure allows the ink to absorb into the towel itself.

After the completion of the heating cycle, the towel gets placed aside to cool off.  The image on the paper has been transferred to the towel and has reformed into it. If you were to touch one of the towels after the sublimation process, no ink would run off.


What Does This Mean To You?

Most of all, longevity. The sublimation process actually dyes each bit of fabric of your towel, not just adding a layer of ink on top of it. Doing it this way prevents any cracking or peeling. Your new towel will be incredibly durable, offering your team years of spirit and memories.

Team Towels is proud to be your top choice for custom towels. If you want to create a sublimated towel for your athletes, class, or family, we would be happy to be on your team. Contact us today to get started!