Swim team on diving boards

6 Reasons Kids Should Join a Swim Team

As members of the swimming community, we know that people of all ages love swimming. For kids, there are many great reasons why they should join a swim team.

Benefits such as learning a skill, participating in teamwork, and friendship are just some of the reasons your child should join.

1. Spend Time with Friends

For children, swimming is the perfect opportunity to socialize with others kids their age. In fact, swimming practice doubles as an opportunity to strengthen that friendship.

Shared experiences helps children to build strong relationships, and motivate each other. Swim teammates that feel an especially close bond may even participate in some of the same activities over the summer. And, having the same swim team towels will build team loyalty!

2. Opportunity for Skill Development

In the very beginning, children might think of swimming as a one-skill sport. But, early on, they will learn that there are actually several different swimming techniques, and all of these skills require fine-tuning.

For example, learning about the butterfly stroke from watching the Olympics might be intimidating, but will ultimately motivate them.

Swimming practice offers children the opportunity to meet these goals. And, there are plenty of tangible checkpoints along the road to professionalism. First, they’ll notice improvements in time. Next, they’ll be able to dive off the blocks. After that will come stronger walls and tighter streamlines. Once they cut down on their times, they’ll be drying off with swim team towels, and feeling proud!

3. Chance for Recognition

As we previously mentioned, there’s plenty of opportunity for children to prove themselves while swimming. The swimming environment rewards children for being diligent in their workouts, and continuously improving themselves. Praise from parents and coaches goes a long way in motivating them to improve.

More than anything, though, recognition from peers is important. Swim teams build loyalty, and encouragement from teammates is inspiring.

Receiving recognition from any of these individuals (or groups) will be a pillar of emotional and mental support for swimmers.

4. Be Competitive in a Friendly Atmosphere

Perhaps one of the reasons that children enjoy swimming is that it is not as directly competitive as other sports, like football. But, that’s also not to say that the competitive spirit is absent from the swimming environment altogether.

In fact, the competitive atmosphere of swimming tends to be whatever the swimmers make of it. Swimmers that are focusing on speed may enjoy racing. Others that are focused more on endurance will enjoy self-improving.

Best of all, this moderately competitive atmosphere can set the stage for a high-stakes swim meet. And, with swim team towels in hand, they can enjoy the satisfaction of a successful race.

5. Learn Water Safety

While it’s more of a benefit to parents and caretakers than the children themselves, swimming helps children develop instinctive safety and survival skills. Secondly, and more obviously, swimming regularly drastically improve your childs’ water safety skills.

Swimming regularly will help your child to develop a familiarity with water, and a level of confidence. So, whether they are swimming in an ocean, lake, or other setting, they will have an established technique. Regardless of the venue, be sure to dry off with a swim team towel after the swim!

6. Feeling Accomplished

In the same vein as developing skills, swimming offers children the opportunity to feel accomplished. Even without direct competition, outdoing a previous personal record is something to celebrate.


Swim Team Towels

More than anything, children enjoy the spirit of self-improvement that comes with swimming. At Team Towels, we’re here to help you nurture and encourage that spirit of improvement. Contact us to order swim team towels for your team, and we’ll help make the ordering process as smooth as possible!