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6 Ways Teams Use a Water Resistant Drawstring Bag

It’s the beginning of a new season. To help your team manage their resources during the busy swimming season, they’ll need custom water resistant drawstring bags. Read on to learn how water resistant drawstring bags will come in handy for your team throughout the swimming season.

As the coach, you’re just beginning to acquaint yourself with all of the new members. And, you’re reacquainting yourself with some of the older, more familiar faces on the team. For now, you’re thinking about how their skill level will be, and which exercises will help them get into optimal shape. Soon enough, though, your team will be neck-deep in competitive meets.

1. Carry Team Towels to Sporting Events

When you coach athletes who are part of a swim team, there’s one thing that should be ingrained in their minds from day one. Always bring a team towel!

Even if the venue for the sporting event claims that they will supply your team with towels, you should never take the chance. They might forget to supply your team with towels, or the towels might be very thin or small.

Most importantly, though, bringing team towels to a competitive meet shows team spirit. When you’re trying to cultivate a unified energy amongst your teammates, spirit is key. Your team towels will help teammates feel like kindred spirits, and bind them against competitors.

2. Carry Change of Clothes and Shoes

Most swimmers are not keen on wearing their bathing suit after swimming practice. They also like to avoid getting water into their shoes. And for good reason. A custom water resistant drawstring bag helps to keep these precious items dry.

3. Be Prepared for the Beach

Spending time training together does result in a truly magnificent bond. Often, these friendships extend beyond the boundaries of school, and into the social sphere.

One favorite destination for swimmers is the beach. It reminds them of what they love most: being in the water. Custom drawstring bags are ideal for carrying simple items, like towels, a small lunch, and some sunscreen.

Best of all, they’ll be representing their swim team at the beach!

4. Good Travel Bag

Sometimes, those long Saturday swim team meets are difficult to plan for. A custom water resistant drawstring backpack will give team members the perfect amount of space to bring a towel, goggles, and a few other personal items.

5. Bring Your Books

Not all swimmers are always actively engaged in swim meets. There are times where, while some swimmers are competing, others are sitting in the stands. And, because swimmers are still responsible for completing schoolwork, some choose to study after their events.

The water resistant drawstring bag is the perfect way for them to transport their materials to and from the pool. With an easily cinchable opening, students can store textbooks, notebooks and more in the bag. This is especially useful for scholar athletes, who are attempting to balance extracurricular activities with advanced courses.

Need a Bag for Team Gear? Team Towels can Help!

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